Free Flute Sheet Music

From many reliable online resources for getting free flute practicing music has most in quantity of popular baroque, classics and romantic. Download of material takes just few moments without hassle of redirecting, providing personal info and other unnecessary things. The real value (although it’s free anyway…) compare to other sources is downloaded zipped files – package that include Solo …Continue reading →

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Flute Student Resource

Flutists have most extensive library of original sonatas, concertos and pieces for chamber ensemble with flute that originated before famous creations for this instrument by Vivaldi, Corelli, Bach and Telemann. In classical era all composers without exception considered flute as most versatile of all winds, and virtuoso music for flute in popularity was second only to violin. Till present day …Continue reading →

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Glorious Trumpet Music from Winds Music

In the minds of majority Trumpet associates with strong, decisive and powerful sound, almost as a message of supremacy over all other instruments. In a big part it’s not unfounded – from religious stories and images of military galore this brass pipe is not only a source of forceful, easily penetrating sound but also as symbol of courage and Victory… …Continue reading →

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Free Clarinet Sheet Music

There are many online web stores and non-profit sites that offer free clarinet sheet music suitable for beginners. Among them, the most reliable is where there are scores for all levels of advancement, with broad array of styles, origins and genres including baroque, classic and romantic. Download of music is very quick and easy, without detailed applications. Great value …Continue reading →

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Expert Advice from

Advancing Technique Some pieces of certain technical challenges may be studied by less advanced players just for touching base for future achievement. Learning just a portion of a challenging piece will encourage you to move forward to the next part. Over time you will be able go through harder parts and step to next level of achievement. In some places …Continue reading →

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Product and Services from

WindsMusic Products and ServicesWindsMusic Products and Services The main offering of WM is our large collection of great music adapted for all wind and brass instruments. Our approach is to offer works of high musical value for performing and teaching at a very low price. Advancing the art of wind playing and music education is at the heart of everything …Continue reading →

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Saving Tips with

Time Saving When sampling our products using Finale Reader, do not close the window. The next sample will appear much quicker if after viewing if you minimize the previous window. Likewise, for Adobe viewer and your MP3 player, theve those applications open and sample files will appear faster. Printing For saving ink, it is recommended to adjust the printer to …Continue reading →

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About WindsMusic

In coincidence to the growing number of wind music enthusiasts, there is an increase in demand for easy, quick and affordable access to music material. and its parent, web-based publishing company WindsMusicology, is an answer to this growing need. It is created by wind musicians of vast international expertise in solo, orchestral and teaching fields and dedicated exclusively for …Continue reading →

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