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Flutists have most extensive library of original sonatas, concertos and pieces for chamber ensemble with flute that originated before famous creations for this instrument by Vivaldi, Corelli, Bach and Telemann. In classical era all composers without exception considered flute as most versatile of all winds, and virtuoso music for flute in popularity was second only to violin. Till present day this tendency is widely recognized and a thin silver pipe with holes and keys remains most popular of all wind music instruments.

But quest for playing original masterpieces of past and gems of nowadays starts from first steps of practice. Music for advancing comes not from original scores, but from adaptations of easy and popular songs, pieces transcribed specially for beginners and student’s practice. Of course exercises and etudes are the basics of acquiring skills, but a real goal is always to play real compositions and pieces with artistic goals and expressions. There are many printed method books that include these sort of easy pieces, many prominent teachers and musicologist have their tutors with collections of music transcribed for flute students and amateurs, who like to play real music material. In the internet era appearance of more easy reachable and sometime free sources of these scores became a pleasant reality for teachers and students.

One of most reliable and reach places for having music material of highest quality
for practice and rapid performing progress is web store www.WindsMusic.com. Simply selecting Free Flute sheet music gives student immediate access to dozens of pieces for quick download. Practice may start in few minutes. Unique feature – provided pre-recorded accompaniment “karaoke style” that included in each product – allow practice without partner pianist.

For example – Tomaso Albinoni’s “Grave” from the Concerto San Marco – great example of Baroque slow melody, learning to play with attention to smallest notes, broad phrasing.

Carl Weber’s hugely popular in 19 century “Hunter’s Chorus” is a very articulate piece with light, repetitious tonguing and dynamic contrasts.

Few of Antonio Vivaldi’s Largos are beauty of simple melody, helps to develop breath control over long phrases, consistency of sonority.

Anatoly Arensky’s “Crane” – based on popular Ukrainian folk melody, his “Lullaby” – calm and simple piece of Russian music of late 19 century.

WindsMusic.com is a great teacher’s resource for real compositions for students of all levels. Under fingertips is a whole encyclopedia of music history, delivered straight to the eyes and ears for instant download and immediate joy of great music.

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