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In the minds of majority Trumpet associates with strong, decisive and powerful sound, almost as a message of supremacy over all other instruments. In a big part it’s not unfounded – from religious stories and images of military galore this brass pipe is not only a source of forceful, easily penetrating sound but also as symbol of courage and

Students, who just started to learn trumpet playing often seduced by this strong personality of instrument, parents – scared of foreseen fun of their kids when they enjoy this power just for “coolness” of Big Sound. Not to mention neighbors of such wonderful source of fun… But reality is much more favorable for all adults who commit their kids for taking lessons from devoted teachers. Opposite to common perception real skill of trumpeter starts from ability to play lyrical, with softness and tenderness that is same important attribute of “trumpetism” as articulate power.

An important foundation of trumpet routine, known by generations of performers – practicing long, sustained tones, scales and intervals in various rhythmical patterns, etudes and exercises that brings basic skills of playing an instrument.

But just “playing” without applying to originally created music, especially from great composers, without understanding of styles and genres of performing pieces is the same as talking and writing words without knowledge of meaning and ability to form them into sentences and clearly express thoughts…

Thanks for Maurice Andre, Timofei Dokshitzer, Winton Marsalis and other famous players world of sounds became richer with beauty of full capacity of trumpet possibilities.

Who is looking for easy and mostly free lyrical trumpet pieces don’t need a long drive to store – downloads available at . These nice scores are in a minute to be your’s:

J.S. Bach’s Adagio; Preludes; Arias for “Magnificat”, Sarabande and Menuetto
T.Albinoni – Adagio
A. Corelli – 2 Sarabandas
G.Handel – Andante from transcribed from Violin sonatas; Sarabande; Adagios
G.Pergolesi – “Love Song” and Aria
A.Stradella – “Pieta”
F.Veracini – Largo
A.Vivaldi – Largos transcribed from Violin sonatas
L.Beethoven – Sanatine in C-minor, Adagio Cantabile from Sonata #8 “Patetique”
C.Gluck – Melody from “Orpheus”
W.Mozart – “Laudate Dominum”,
F.Shopin – Prelude in E, Valse A-minor
G.Faure – Sicilienne
C.Gounod – “Ave Maria”
F.Mendelsohn – Adagio, “Lost Illusions”, Songs without words”
M.Mussorgsky – “Old Castle”, “Tear”
N.Rimsky-Korsakov – “Song of India”
C.Saent-Saens – “Swan”
R.Schumann – “Dreams”

Adapted for Trumpet with accompaniment these great pieces may be performed in any place – concert hall, church, circle of friends or even jury of trumpet competition.
This music outlived for centuries other “fashionable tunes”…

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