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In coincidence to the growing number of wind music enthusiasts, there is an increase in demand for easy, quick and affordable access to music material.

WindsMusic.com and its parent, web-based publishing company WindsMusicology, is an answer to this growing need. It is created by wind musicians of vast international expertise in solo, orchestral and teaching fields and dedicated exclusively for wind musicians, amateur players and, of course, for music teachers and their students.

It is our vision to revive fine music by both great and unknown composers of the past and present, adopt that music for various wind instruments and make it available to wind players around the world. Our musicologists have spent thousands of hours researching and adapting musical works for flute, trumpet, bassoon and other wind instruments that will be beneficial to musicians of all levels.

WindsMusic.com, while serving as a tremendous instructional resource for students and teachers, is also a valuable source of recital works for amateurs and professionals.

All of our arrangements are adapted, reviewed and graded for difficulty by world-class musicians.

Unlike pricey sheet music sold in stores, our products are available at a low-cost and can be instantly downloaded and printed in various formats.

Once downloaded, files can be: 

  * Listened to 

  * Practiced along with accompaniment 

  * Solo parts may be edited using our unique feature - Blank Copy

All this happens in minutes and in comfort of your place, wherever the Worldwide Web can reach.